The DINZEY shoebox 1 – Richard DINZEY’s wedding

PETERSEN Eliza BPT 1807 Statia

Baptism of Eliza PETERSEN

Eliza PETERSEN was born in Statia on the 21st of April 1802 from Peter PETERSEN and Susanna Heyliger MITCHELL. Her baptism took place on the 06th of August 1807 on the same island.

Amongst the sponsors, we can notice John William FABIO, brother in law of William COCK (ancestor of one of the COCK‘s family branches and married to Ann Mary FABIO) and a Fanny COCK that i have yet to identify.

Her parents had married on Statia on the 20th of January 1780. He was 25 and said to be born in Sønderballing in Denmark. She was born in Statia and was 23.

1780 PETERSEN Peter MITCHEL Susannah Statia.jpg


On the 21st of April 1822, following the rites of the English Episcopal Church, Richard DINZEY, merchant in Gustavia, son of deceased Thomas DINZEY and his widow Joanne (or Suzan) DINZEY (born BEAKS) from Saba, married Eliza PETERSEN, daughter of deceased Peter PETERSEN and his widow Suzanne PETERSEN.

The witnesses for Richard, are : his elder brother, Thomas DINZEY, Captain of the 2d urban militia, William HADDOCKS, member of the Island Council and Samuel A. BONNET, merchant in Gustavia.

The witnesses for Eliza, are : her two brothers, Peter PETERSEN, Captain of the first militia company and Robert PETERSEN, his second, their mother, Suzanne PETERSEN (Suzannah Heyliger MITCHELL) and the doctor Jean LAPORTERE, doctor and before, surgeon-major of the Royal Regiment of Walsh.

Jean/John LAPORTERE was born in Auga (Pyrénées Atlantique, France) and married with Ann Mary PETERSEN in Statia. He was most probably the one that built the DINZEY / DOWLING / BARNES house at La Pointe in Gustavia (the Punten House).

The wedding was announced 3 sundays in a row, as per the local laws, by the Lutherian reverend F.A. Lönner, but, because of a serious illness, it was performed by the Swedish Governor, Johan NORDERLING.

DINZEY Richard PETERSEN Eliza 21 Avril 1822 Gustavia Saint-Barthelemy



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  1. The reverens namn is F A Lönner


  2. Thank you for the information! I am descent of Thomas Dinzey and this cleared quite a few things for me!


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