Hercules HASSELL, Saban Captain

A very nice and very interesting document dated 13th of July 1802, regarding Hercules HASSEL a sea Captain born in Saba. As per rules in place at the time in St-Barth, in order to be master on a Swedish flagged vessel, one had to be naturalized a « burgher » of Saint-Barth (with an oath of allegiance to the King of Sweden). Most of such request are not as complete unfortunately.

Offered the charge of a Swedish flagged vessel, Hercules must apply for this status as he seems he want to take the opportunity to support his family living in Saba. He claims he is a regular in Gustavia already, since the year 1800.

I am wondering if he could be the one married to a Deborah HASSELL and father of a Susannah HASSELL that was born in Saba around 1796 and married in Gustavia in 1820 with a John FIDGET from London in England.



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