The DINZEY shoe-box 4 : Mrs Burton DINZEY, Julia Ann Frances ABBOTT

Willam ABBOTT was born on the island of Saint-Barthelemy on the 21st of May 1801, during the time it was a Swedish colony.

His father, John ABBOTT,  was one of the early arriving on the island,and was a custom officer (Tull Besökaren) during the Swedish governance of the island of Saint-Barthelemy. He had married with Ann PRUITT from Statia (Saint-Eustatius) in 1787 and together had at least 4 other children :

Mary, 20th of July 1787 – 08 May 1840, married with Conrad PLAGEMANN on the 09th of June 1804

Thomas, born on the 03rd of May 1789,

James, born around 1790, married Louise Evelina dite Clémentine JAILLE on the 05th of October 1847. He was a merchant in Gustavia. They had 3 sons between 1848 and 1853.

Anne Ursula, born on the 27th of June 1804


William ABBOTT married Malvina Augusta SPENCER, born around 1814. We don’t know who were her parents.

They had at least 4 children

(will skip Julia Anne Frances for now, she was the eldest child).

William Henry, born around 1834

Malvina Augusta, born the 18th of March 1836. She married George Wilhelm NETHERWOOD (of Swedish origines)  at the Anglican Church of Gustavia on the 10th of May 1864. One of their sons, Fredrik William (1869-1948) was at some point one of the richest men on the island of Sint-Maarten where he had moved.

Frederick Augustus, born on the 12th of October 1839 and baptized in 1848.

The parents unfortunately died of fever when they were still very young. William died on the 05th of February 1840 and his wife on the 26th of April 1840 and the kids were left orphans.


Julie Anne Frances ABBOTT was born in Gustavia on the 1st of July 1832.

she did her 1st communion (not sure how to say in English, sorry) in 1849, and she received this very touching poem (author unknown) :

ABOTT Julia communion 1849 - poeme

She was confirmed in 1851, here is the confirmation card :

ABOTT Julia confirmation 1851

Here is the picture of Mrs DINZEY, born Julia Frances Ann ABOTT, probably the only one, i don’t know when it was taken – Correction : there is at least another one, i will post it later (Merci Arlette !)

ABBOTT Frances Julia, miss DINZEY (Richard Burton)

here is the name behind the picture,

ABBOTT Frances Julia, miss DINZEY (Richard Burton) 2

She married Richard Burton DINZEY on the 27th of February 1854 at the Anglican Church in Gustavia and had at least 7 children.

Richard Conrad 02 February 1854 – 21 December 1886

Robertina, 05 June 1856 – 15 November 1945

Charles Stuart Carstairs 31 July 1859 – 19 February 1918

Virginia  09 February 1862 – 18 June 1932

Eliza Malvina 14 May 1865 – 16 September 1928

Julia Ann Frances 08 June 1869 – 27 July 1959


They all were Anglicans, and most likely all buried at the cemetery in Saint-Jean (graves are not marked).

The family was living in Saint-Jean in a house called  » Domaine de la retraite ».

I will later do an article about Richard Burton DINZEY that was a great man, did a lot for the island, walking in his father’s steps.



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