Hester ARRENDELL is a free woman

This little article might prove important (at least i hope so) to the ARRINDELL ARRENDEL ARRANDEL from Anguilla, especially if anybody is able to make the connection with the plantation « Stony Ground » and some ancestors with this last name.

Hester, a « negroe woman » is held at the guardhouse in Gustavia in April 1809. In the Swedish documents she is refered to as « Hester ARRENDELL« .

She must have been arrested and asked to prove she was a free woman.

In Anguilla, on the 28th of April 1809, in front of William RICHARDSON, Deputy Governor and Deputy Ordinary of the aforesaid Island, Margaret ARRENDELL, may be related to Hester, makes oath on the Holy Evangelists.

Margret declares that Hester is the great granddaughter of Dinah who was freed by the fourth item of Benjamin ARRANDELL’s will.

FSB 285

Article 4 states of said will: « That after the decease of my beloved wife, i leave to my Negroe woman called DINAH and all her children that she has now, or, may have hereafter, their freedom for ever and likewise that Plantation called Stony Ground (after my said wife decease) to her and her heirs, as also one negroe man named Nonhere ( ?) forever »

            20th of October 1731

            Signed : Benjamin ARRENDEL

FSB 285

Another document signed by William RICHARDSON stipulates «  Anguilla, These are to certify that a negroe woman by the name of Hester, a native of this island, is a free-born person as appears by the last will and testament of Benjamin ARRENDELL deceased »

            Given under my hand and seal this fourteenth day of April 1809

FSB 285

I do not have any other information about Hester ARRENDELL.

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